Your Business Needs a Content Strategy

May 1, 2018


Regardless of who you are in a business, it's important for YOU to know that content strategy should be all over your business.


Let me repeat that.


Content strategy should be ALL OVER YOUR BUSINESS!


Get it yet?


So, a good content strategy will allow for more traffic to trickle into your website, social platforms, and your business. A GREAT strategy does that AND allows your content to work smarter and within more types of content platforms.


Questions to Ask Yourself

If you have a website, a social presence, or you put out any form of media to drive sales or services - then you definitely need a content strategy. But there are some important things to ask yourself:


  • What role does your website play in bringing you money?

  • What does your social presence do for your business?

  • Do your online marketing efforts aid your offline marketing efforts?

  • Do any of your marketing efforts help your business?

When you answer those questions, you can start to think about how your content should aid in all of the above efforts.


Role of Your Site

If the role of your website is to sell e-commerce-style, then you need to create compelling content on the site, on your social platforms, and offline to drive traffic to the site. But if the role of the site is to be informative, then the content should be engaging and lead people to contact you. The role of your website in your business defines what the content should do.


Social Presence

Do you have a social presence? Do you only stick to one platform? That's OK if you do! But what does that platform do for your business? Ask yourself if your social presence is a way to just engage people or if you want to make sales. Ex: If you're a landscaper and you create beautiful works of art with flowers, rocks, and bushes - Instagram may be a great place for you to start to showcase your work. It can be a great place to show people what you're capable of but it isn't necessarily going to drive traffic to your website.  


Online and Offline Marketing

Many business owners use media efforts to drive sales but their online and offline marketing efforts collide rather than collaborate. Look at the role content plays in your marketing efforts - where are you driving people to and is it clear what you want people to do? If your online marketing drives people to the website, your offline marketing should also do that. If you want people to call to make an appointment or to buy something, your marketing should reflect that, in some way.


Marketing Should Help Your Business

If you're doing any type of paid or owned media (SEO, Paid Search, OLA, OLV, Paid Social, Flyers, Mailers...etc.) it should be leading people to an action. Far too often, pieces of content are created just to create them, and they don't have any real purpose. If you're not seeing any ROI (and awareness is ROI), then what's the point of spending money on media?


There are many ways a solid content strategy can help your business. It takes work and a bird's eye view of all of your marketing efforts to identify pitfalls in order to create a plan that gets your marketing avenues to work smarter for your business.


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